Event Name Locations Participants
All Day  
12:00 am
7:30 am
8:00 am
Swimming & Diving, Varsity-G: Albuquerque Metro Championships West Mesa Aquatic Center V Sue Cleveland High School
Rio Rancho High School
Bosque School
West Mesa High Swim Girls
West Mesa High Dive Girls
Volcano Vista High Swim Girls
Volcano Vista High Dive Girls
Valley High Swim Girls
Valley High Dive Girls
Sandia High Swim Girls
Sandia High Dive Girls
Rio Grande High Swim Girls
Rio Grande High Dive Girls
Manzano High Swim Girls
Manzano High Dive Girls
La Cueva High Swim Girls
La Cueva High Dive Girls
Highland High Swim Girls
Highland High Dive Girls
Eldorado High Swim Girls
Eldorado High Dive Girls
Del Norte High Swim Girls
Del Norte High Dive Girls
Cibola High Swim Girls
Cibola High Dive Girls
Atrisco Heritage Academy Swim Girls
Atrisco Heritage Academy Dive Girls
Albuquerque High Swim Girls
Albuquerque High Dive Girls
8:30 am  
9:00 am
Cheer, JV: APS Winter Spirit Invite Del Norte High Albuquerque High Cheer JV
Atrisco Heritage Academy Cheer JV
Cibola High Cheer JV
Eldorado High Cheer JV
Highland High Cheer JV
La Cueva High Cheer JV
Sandia High Cheer JV
Volcano Vista High Cheer JV
West Mesa High Cheer JV
Rio Rancho High School
V Sue Cleveland High School
Wrestling JV: JV Invite (RGHS) Rio Grande High West Mesa High Wrestling JV
Volcano Vista High Wrestling JV
Valley High Wrestling JV
Sandia High Wrestling JV
Rio Grande High Wrestling JV
Manzano High Wrestling JV
La Cueva High Wrestling JV
Highland High Wrestling JV
Eldorado High Wrestling JV
Del Norte High Wrestling JV
Cibola High Wrestling JV
Atrisco Heritage Academy Wrestling JV
Albuquerque High Wrestling JV
9:30 am
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
Cheer, Varsity: APS Winter Spirit Invite Del Norte High Albuquerque High Cheer Varsity
Atrisco Heritage Academy Cheer Varsity
Cibola High Cheer Varsity
Del Norte High Cheer Varsity
Eldorado High Cheer Varsity
Highland High Cheer Varsity
La Cueva High Cheer Varsity
Manzano High Cheer Varsity
Sandia High Cheer Varsity
Valley High Cheer Varsity
Volcano Vista High Cheer Varsity
West Mesa High Cheer Varsity
Centennial High School
Onate High
Rio Rancho High School
St. Pius X High
V Sue Cleveland High School
1:30 pm
11:30 pm